Matthew Caron: Editing Reel 2015

January 9th, 2015

New year, new narrative reel! See where I’ve been as an editor and storyteller.

Matthew Caron: Editor from Matthew Caron on Vimeo.

The School Where Children Can Do Whatever They Want (Pretty Much)

February 20th, 2015


I interviewed Amanda Rose Wilder about her film Approaching The Elephant which documents a year in the life of the Teddy McArdle Free School. Check it out at VICE.

Mark Dwinell “Drive” Music Video

January 16th, 2015


“Drive” by Mark Dwinell
Official Music Video
From Mark Dwinell “Golden Ratio” LP (Amish Records, 2015)

I made this music video for “Drive” by Mark Dwinell of Forma using hundreds of photographs taken around Woodstock NY and Portland OR in autumn of 2014.

Read more about Mark Dwinell’s “Drive” at AdHoc

Johnny Woods Creates Art That Dives Into The Uncanny Valley

January 6th, 2015


I spoke with artist and curator Johnny Woods about the present and future of experimental animation. Check it out at VICE.

Breakaway: Johnny Woods from Undervolt & Co. on Vimeo.

There’s a New Documentary About Renegade New Jersey Radio Station WFMU

November 14th, 2014


I interviewed director Tim K. Smith about his new documentary Sex & Broadcasting, which tells the story of New Jersey’s radically free form radio station WFMU. Read all about it at VICE.

SEX AND BROADCASTING • a documentary about wfmu from Tim K Smith on Vimeo.

Manny Kirchheimer’s ‘Stations of the Elevated’ Is a Paean to the Old New York

October 17th, 2014


I interviewed director Manfred Kirchheimer about his great New York film Stations Of The Elevated and Nicholas Gazin drew his portrait. Check it out at VICE.

Beneath The Skin at OUTLET Fine Art

October 10th, 2014


OUTLET Fine Art is proud to present Capsule, an installation by Cristin Richard along with work by Matthew Caron, Joseph Moore and music composed by Nate Czarling. An opening reception with the artists will be held October 10, 2014 from 7-10pm and will include a special performance. The exhibition will continue with gallery hours Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm or by appointment through November 2.

At first glance, the bags look real. Upon further study, the materials will reveal that it’s not a typical garment bag, nor is it a typical dress inside. There are real zippers, stitching, and even clear vinyl coating but they are made of something a little different, a little more organic…


In the majority of Cristin Richard’s work, she reconstructs animal intestines into tangible objects. Through the manipulation of this organic matter, these materials build a visual dialog of the conversation about human modes of production, both in a contemporary and an ancient sense. Investigating the waste of modern industrial/commercial production while borrowing from her own fascination with aboriginal cultural utilitarianism – for example the Kapitaq or seal intestine parka, and the way in which all the parts of a slaughtered animals can be used – she creates unique art objects.

Transcribed in Richard’s work is her personal story, from artistic impulses to existential questions. In her own words, “I came upon the concept for this show through my own fear of aging. Obsessed with my own skin. Worried that I will fade, and become unnoticed. The work is helping me push through this. Always, the work helps me release the heaviness that builds up inside.”


Matthew Caron, in loose collaboration with Richard, has created a special video to underscore specific aspects of her work. Caron’s work ranges from psychedelic examinations of obscure Middle Eastern religious sects to more recent forays into textile production and exploration of video as an environmental element that we can quite literally inhabit.

Outlet Fine Art is located at 253 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn

Gallery Hours: Saturday + Sunday, 12-6pm or by appointment: 915.525.0410

Read more about Beneath The Skin at Bushwick Daily

Excepter “Song To The Siren” Music Video

October 4th, 2014


“Song To The Siren” by Excepter
Official Music Video
From Excepter “Familiar” LP/CD (Blast First Petite 2014)

Directed and Edited by Matthew Caron, Photographed by Joshua Zucker-Pluda and Matthew Caron, Max Visual Effects by Matt Romein

Watch “Song To The Siren” and read an interview with Excepter at The Fader


September 23rd, 2014


I edited the documentary series NOLA: LIFE, DEATH & HEAVY BLUES FROM THE BAYOU, produced and directed by Jimmy Hubbard and Fred Pessaro for NOISEY and hosted by Fred Pessaro and Jake Boyle.

Starring: Members of DOWN, Pantera, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Corrosion of Conformity, Goatwhore, and Acid Bath amongst others, including Philip H Anselmo, Mike “IX” Williams, Jimmy Bower, Kirk Windstein, Pepper Keenan, and Sammy Duet.

EPISODE 1: New Orleans native Phil Anselmo exports his style to Dallas band Pantera, thereby changing the landscape for metal in the 90s. Meanwhile, a visit from the Melvins to the New Orleans area would change the landscape for metal as we know it, with Kirk Windstein of the band Shell Shock was discovering that slower was, for him, heavier.

EPISODE 2: Mike Williams discusses finding kindred spirits in Jimmy Bower and Joey LaCaze, creating a band “that’s like Sabbath, but a punk band” with Eyehategod. Enduring hardships like drugs and Hurricane Katrina, Eyehategod persevered into 2013, only to have tragedy strike yet again.

EPISODE 3: On a fishing trip with the Noisey team, Jimmy Bower discusses his come up with Shell Shock, the origin of Eyehategod and his place in the sound of New Orleans, including where he thinks the roots of the music lie.

EPISODE 4: From the shrimp boats to zydeco to the cocaine tray, Sammy Duet and Kirk Windstein talk about influence from the crescent city starting in their childhood until now. Acid Bath breaks into the New Orleans scene with a killer work ethic, but Sammy’s discovery of Darkthrone leads to an entirely different path.

EPISODE 5: New Orleans native and Graveyard Rodeo member Pepper Keenan leaves his hometown for Corrosion of Conformity, which would become one of the most sought after bands of the 90s by mixing southern-influences with classic heavy metal.

EPISODE 6: Despite tragedy surrounding the band and their native city in the wake of Katrina, Down rises again to new heights with their new LP and subsequent tour.

EPISODE 7: Phil Anselmo opens up his home for a crawfish boil with the Noisey crew. Meanwhile despite tragedy and significant loss, the natives of New Orleans will not waiver in their fight to write the best riff, and song in the history of their city.

John Waters’ Cavalcade of Perversions

September 15th, 2014


I interviewed film director John Waters and Nicholas Gazin drew portraits of the Dreamland gang. Check it out at VICE.