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Speedy Ortiz “Tiger Tank” Music Video

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


“Tiger Tank” by Speedy Ortiz
2013 Carpark Records
Directed by Matthew Caron, shot by Destiny Mata and Matthew Caron, edited by D.V. Caputo

Judging from their debut album, Major Arcana, Massachusetts indie rockers Speedy Ortiz have their blend of ’90s-inspired alt-rock down pat. But as they prove with the video for lead single “Tiger Tank”, the foursome also have a keen grasp on their beloved era’s aesthetic/visual sensibilities. While they jam out in a grimy basement filled with shredded paper, complete with fish-eye lens and prerequisite effects, a couple of girls in lucha masks throw down for some good, not-so-clean amateur wrestling fun. In ’90s terms, this party is so kickin’, it makes House Party look like House Party 2. Grab a drink and join the festivities below. – Chris Coplan, Consequence Of Sound

After Hours #1 – Marco Brambilla at the Roommate Grace Hotel

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Materialization/De-materialization, by Marco Brambilla

a video projection on water

with a performance on the organ by Cammisa Buerhaus

Shot and Edited by: Matthew Caron

After Hours is a series of ephemeral installations and performances hidden amongst the Times Square district’s diverse venues, recorded for radio and video dissemination. Taking advantage of the twilight moment before midnight, and a surreal array of different settings nestled throughout the Times Square area, the Times Square Alliance and the Clocktower Gallery & come together to offer tantalizing glimpses of these spaces as creative catalysts. Pairing musicians and artists with each of these unique contexts, the artists create work specifically designed to draw on the neighborhood’s history as a social and artistic melting pot. The fleeting nature of these late night experiences highlights the power found in taking the synchronicity and spontaneity of an After Hours encounter beneath the bright lights, and using it to inspire and indicate future audio, video, and performance work.

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Rich Tu: There Will Be No Survivors

Sunday, March 11th, 2012


I made a video about There Will Be No Survivors, a show of new images by Rich Tu that happened on February 23, 2012 at Norwood in New York City

More photos and words at Rich Tu: The Blog

Autre Ne Veut, Live On Video

Friday, January 6th, 2012


Autre Ne Veut came to 350 Broadway and threw down a seriously awesome performance. His intense, harried style of R’n’B was perfect for the intimate setting of the store, an effect which was enhanced by the candlelit ambiance of it all. He played songs old and new, including some that haven’t even been released yet.” – Whole Milk

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