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Speedy Ortiz “The Graduates” Music Video

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

I shot, edited and directed the music video for “The Graduates” by Speedy Ortiz.


Read about “The Graduates” in the New York Times’ T Magazine.

Mark Dwinell “Drive” Music Video

Friday, January 16th, 2015


“Drive” by Mark Dwinell
Official Music Video
From Mark Dwinell “Golden Ratio” LP (Amish Records, 2015)

I made this music video for “Drive” by Mark Dwinell of Forma using hundreds of photographs taken around Woodstock NY and Portland OR in autumn of 2014.

Read more about Mark Dwinell’s “Drive” at AdHoc

Excepter “Song To The Siren” Music Video

Saturday, October 4th, 2014


“Song To The Siren” by Excepter
Official Music Video
From Excepter “Familiar” LP/CD (Blast First Petite 2014)

Directed and Edited by Matthew Caron, Photographed by Joshua Zucker-Pluda and Matthew Caron, Max Visual Effects by Matt Romein

Watch “Song To The Siren” and read an interview with Excepter at The Fader

The Shoe “His Gorgeousness” Music Video

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

I edited the music video for “His Gorgeousness” by The Shoe, directed by Aliya Naumoff


The Shoe: His Gorgeousness on

Watch “His Gorgeousness” and read an interview with Jena Malone at NOWNESS

Speedy Ortiz “Tiger Tank” Music Video

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


“Tiger Tank” by Speedy Ortiz
2013 Carpark Records
Directed by Matthew Caron, shot by Destiny Mata and Matthew Caron, edited by D.V. Caputo

Judging from their debut album, Major Arcana, Massachusetts indie rockers Speedy Ortiz have their blend of ’90s-inspired alt-rock down pat. But as they prove with the video for lead single “Tiger Tank”, the foursome also have a keen grasp on their beloved era’s aesthetic/visual sensibilities. While they jam out in a grimy basement filled with shredded paper, complete with fish-eye lens and prerequisite effects, a couple of girls in lucha masks throw down for some good, not-so-clean amateur wrestling fun. In ’90s terms, this party is so kickin’, it makes House Party look like House Party 2. Grab a drink and join the festivities below. – Chris Coplan, Consequence Of Sound

Gypsy & The Cat “It’s A Fine Line” Music Video

Thursday, May 16th, 2013


Gypsy & The Cat “It’s A Fine Line”
Alsatian Music, 2013
Directed by Matthew Caron

The Pieces are fading
A heart deformed by waiting
The thief of time is erasing you

Those people those faces, deep in my mind
I hear them parading me tonight.

Am I wasting time if you’re in my mind
While the moon is ripe above me
Well it’s a fine line, yea it’s a fine line

Look inside spy the clues
Candle light across the loom
The feeling comes and chases truth…

Fast Food Music Video 2: Caged Animals – Too Much Dark

Monday, March 4th, 2013


I used randomly generated data to edit this video of Caged Animals performing “Too Much Dark” for Fast Food Music Video 2: Not Knowing, Adaptability, The Unified Field. The number of the cuts and the sources were dictated by a data generating patch, leaving me with control over the timing of the cuts. I also elected to make the video monochrome.

This exercise in music video making involved applying chance operations to all aspects of a deconstructed production process. Editing was also subject to randomization in a similar fashion, based on the number of video sources recorded.

For a full list of credits and the data used to edit this video, visit Fast Food Music Video on Tumblr

Shattered Shards: PVRE MATRIX _ HD ACID

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013


PVRE MATRIX _ HD ACID from Matthew Caron on Vimeo.

Shattered Shards– the freeform, visual collab curated by wayfaring Brooklyn souls Matthew Caron and Rebecca Gaffney– is less of a directorial excursion than a freeform video jam session. No more clearly is this seen in their spastic, claustrophobic visuals for Brooklyn’s PVRE MATRIX (a.k.a. Daniel Moore). Taken from a set at La Sala, the video is built upon on a frenetic display of glitched video feedback, whip pans around the venue, and mirrored, kaleidoscopic original footage that’s all attack and no release, a sound match for PM’s tightly coiled, tension-riddled version of industrial music. – AD HOC

HD ACID premiered on AD HOC on February 27, 2013

Beenie Man – Super Model (Kling Klang Riddim)

Monday, February 18th, 2013


I edited the music video for “Super Model” by Beenie Man, produced by Dre Skull, directed by Andy Capper

“Super Model” premiered on Noisey on February 18th, 2013

Snoop Lion ft. Popcaan & Mavado – Lighters Up

Friday, February 1st, 2013


I edited “Lighters Up” by Snoop Lion, featuring Popcaan & Mavado, directed by Andy Capper and produced by Codine Williams for Berhane Sound System and RCA Records

“Lighters Up” premiered on VEVO on February 1st, 2013