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Beneath The Skin at OUTLET Fine Art

Friday, October 10th, 2014


OUTLET Fine Art is proud to present Capsule, an installation by Cristin Richard along with work by Matthew Caron, Joseph Moore and music composed by Nate Czarling. An opening reception with the artists will be held October 10, 2014 from 7-10pm and will include a special performance. The exhibition will continue with gallery hours Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm or by appointment through November 2.

At first glance, the bags look real. Upon further study, the materials will reveal that it’s not a typical garment bag, nor is it a typical dress inside. There are real zippers, stitching, and even clear vinyl coating but they are made of something a little different, a little more organic…


In the majority of Cristin Richard’s work, she reconstructs animal intestines into tangible objects. Through the manipulation of this organic matter, these materials build a visual dialog of the conversation about human modes of production, both in a contemporary and an ancient sense. Investigating the waste of modern industrial/commercial production while borrowing from her own fascination with aboriginal cultural utilitarianism – for example the Kapitaq or seal intestine parka, and the way in which all the parts of a slaughtered animals can be used – she creates unique art objects.

Transcribed in Richard’s work is her personal story, from artistic impulses to existential questions. In her own words, “I came upon the concept for this show through my own fear of aging. Obsessed with my own skin. Worried that I will fade, and become unnoticed. The work is helping me push through this. Always, the work helps me release the heaviness that builds up inside.”


Matthew Caron, in loose collaboration with Richard, has created a special video to underscore specific aspects of her work. Caron’s work ranges from psychedelic examinations of obscure Middle Eastern religious sects to more recent forays into textile production and exploration of video as an environmental element that we can quite literally inhabit.

Outlet Fine Art is located at 253 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn

Gallery Hours: Saturday + Sunday, 12-6pm or by appointment: 915.525.0410

Read more about Beneath The Skin at Bushwick Daily

Artist FlashCard: Matthew Caron’s Video Worlds

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

I’ve been profiled as an Artist FlashCard by Bushwick Daily, a website that covers the art, culture, music, and people of my Brookyln neighborhood.

Photo: Live video processing for Reg Bloor at Red Bull Music Academy’s Hardcore Activity In Progress, May 2014


Fyne Campsite 2.0 at Bushwick Open Studios 2014

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


THIS WEEKEND! Come visit Matthew Caron’s FYNE campsite in studio # 330 at BBS203 (203 Harrison Place) for Bushwick Open Studios on Saturday May 31st and Sunday June 1st. FYNE is an audiovisual campsite made out of synthetic and industrial materials offering visitors to Bushwick Open Studios a brief vacation in a compressed rendering of America’s great outdoors. Campers are encourage to relax in a fiberglass video tent or stretch out on a faux forest floor and bathe in a cycle of shimming abstractions, which originated as landscape and documentary photography captured while traveling across the United States last summer. There will also be weavings and other artworks on display down the hall in Studio #316


Bushwick Daily: Step Inside These Artists Spaces During Bushwick Open Studios 2014

Read about the original FYNE campsite installation at Helper Projects

Fyne, with a touch of terror and scattered howlers

Monday, September 9th, 2013


PM014 – Matthew Caron – Fyne, with a touch of terror and scattered howlers

**Edition of 50 Full Color zines. Matthew Caron aka Your Friend Matthew is a video and installation artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. His style is a fusion of first-hand documentary elements with live camera feedback, improvisation with light and musical elements, frequently characterized by the use of inexpensive or busted gear and long-term collaborative projects with Mishka NYC, Long Distance Poison, RAFT, Fast Food Music Video, Rebecca Gaffney and Australian psych pop duo Gypsy & The Cat.


This zine is a collection of images from his solo show at helper projects in Brooklyn curated by Plant Migration Records. Fyne, with a touch of terror and scattered howlers was shown on August 24th, 2013 and featured performances by RAFT, Mickey Fit, Lazurite and Rebecca Gaffney with Aaron Caleb

Fyne, with a touch of terror and scattered howlers from Matthew Caron on Vimeo.

Pat Noecker of RAFT wrote about his experience at the Fyne opening, click here to read it.


Long Distance Poison – A Passage Above

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013


Long Distance Poison – A Passage Above from Matthew Caron on Vimeo.

Music: Long Distance Poison
Video: Matthew Caron and Rebecca Gaffney
Available as part of the Fin Records LP/DVD release Gliese Translations by Long Distance Poison
Buy Gliese Translations from Fin Records

Matthew Caron and Rebecca Gaffney’s collaborative video A Passage Above is a direct investigation into the inner workings of contemporary and antiquated technology. “A Passage Above” employs projection, lights, mirrors, and cameras to craft a feedback chasm representing a journey into the innerspace of the camcorder, the VCR, and the Edirol V-4 video mixer.

- From the catalog for Manifest Destiny, a public exhibition at Outlet Fine Art in Bushwick, Brooklyn

A Passage Above first appeared in the real world as part of Manifest Destiny at Outlet Fine Art on April 19, 2013. It premiered on the internet at Decoder Magazine on June 11, 2013.

Assemble X at Knockdown Center

Sunday, May 12th, 2013


I curated and performed live visuals for the 10th installment of the ongoing sound and performance series ASSEMBLE, founded by Pat Noecker of RAFT. Projections and video installations were stationed throughout the massive Knockdown Center space by myself, Peter Shapiro, Eric Drasin, Reid Bingham, Sofy Yuditskaya and Matt Romain of Fast Food Music Video.

The musical performance featured Pat Noecker of RAFT leading 16 superb performers in long sustained notes of A and E. The list of performers is as follows:

Alexandra Drewchin JR., Bonnie Baxter, James Corrigan, Jeanann Dara, David First, Kate Henderson, Laura Ortman, Michael Durek, Camilla Ha, Daniel Schlett, Sto Len, Ted McGrath, Jason Poranski, Sadaf H. and Adam Holquist.

Also featured were special performances by Ash Can Orchestra with contortionist The Amazing Amy, and Onewayness from Erie, PA.

Assemble X on Facebook
Videos by Torsten Meyer

Studio Visuals for East Village Radio

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

I created visuals for the studio at East Village Radio, a live internet radio station located on First Avenue and First Street in New York City. These visuals run on a loop all day and night, can be seen from the street and appear in virtually every photo and video that gets taken in the studio.

Click here to visit East Village Radio

Bring To Light: Nuit Blanche New York 2011

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


I was the coordinator in charge of media playback for the Bring To Light: Nuit Blanche New York 2011 festival, which showcased the best in contemporary video and new media art displayed throughout the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint on the night Saturday, October 1st.

Video and still image by Nuit Blanche New York and Jeff Johnson.

Bruar Falls House Mix

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

I was commissioned by Bruar Falls to create a series of looped DVDs for use on a nightly basis as lighting for their stage.

YFM Bruar Falls House Mix Spring 2009 from Matthew Caron on Vimeo.

To see more examples of my work for Bruar Falls, simply search for videos on the internet tagged with Bruar Falls. My projections are the lighting in all of them, including this clip of Mi-Gu with Sean Lennon.