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Mark Dwinell “Drive” Music Video

Friday, January 16th, 2015


“Drive” by Mark Dwinell
Official Music Video
From Mark Dwinell “Golden Ratio” LP (Amish Records, 2015)

I made this music video for “Drive” by Mark Dwinell of Forma using hundreds of photographs taken around Woodstock NY and Portland OR in autumn of 2014.

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Excepter “Song To The Siren” Music Video

Saturday, October 4th, 2014


“Song To The Siren” by Excepter
Official Music Video
From Excepter “Familiar” LP/CD (Blast First Petite 2014)

Directed and Edited by Matthew Caron, Photographed by Joshua Zucker-Pluda and Matthew Caron, Max Visual Effects by Matt Romein

Watch “Song To The Siren” and read an interview with Excepter at The Fader


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014


I edited the documentary series NOLA: LIFE, DEATH & HEAVY BLUES FROM THE BAYOU, produced and directed by Jimmy Hubbard and Fred Pessaro for NOISEY and hosted by Fred Pessaro and Jake Boyle.

Starring: Members of DOWN, Pantera, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Corrosion of Conformity, Goatwhore, and Acid Bath amongst others, including Philip H Anselmo, Mike “IX” Williams, Jimmy Bower, Kirk Windstein, Pepper Keenan, and Sammy Duet.

EPISODE 1: New Orleans native Phil Anselmo exports his style to Dallas band Pantera, thereby changing the landscape for metal in the 90s. Meanwhile, a visit from the Melvins to the New Orleans area would change the landscape for metal as we know it, with Kirk Windstein of the band Shell Shock was discovering that slower was, for him, heavier.

EPISODE 2: Mike Williams discusses finding kindred spirits in Jimmy Bower and Joey LaCaze, creating a band “that’s like Sabbath, but a punk band” with Eyehategod. Enduring hardships like drugs and Hurricane Katrina, Eyehategod persevered into 2013, only to have tragedy strike yet again.

EPISODE 3: On a fishing trip with the Noisey team, Jimmy Bower discusses his come up with Shell Shock, the origin of Eyehategod and his place in the sound of New Orleans, including where he thinks the roots of the music lie.

EPISODE 4: From the shrimp boats to zydeco to the cocaine tray, Sammy Duet and Kirk Windstein talk about influence from the crescent city starting in their childhood until now. Acid Bath breaks into the New Orleans scene with a killer work ethic, but Sammy’s discovery of Darkthrone leads to an entirely different path.

EPISODE 5: New Orleans native and Graveyard Rodeo member Pepper Keenan leaves his hometown for Corrosion of Conformity, which would become one of the most sought after bands of the 90s by mixing southern-influences with classic heavy metal.

EPISODE 6: Despite tragedy surrounding the band and their native city in the wake of Katrina, Down rises again to new heights with their new LP and subsequent tour.

EPISODE 7: Phil Anselmo opens up his home for a crawfish boil with the Noisey crew. Meanwhile despite tragedy and significant loss, the natives of New Orleans will not waiver in their fight to write the best riff, and song in the history of their city.

The Shoe “His Gorgeousness” Music Video

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

I edited the music video for “His Gorgeousness” by The Shoe, directed by Aliya Naumoff


The Shoe: His Gorgeousness on

Watch “His Gorgeousness” and read an interview with Jena Malone at NOWNESS

DJ Technics and DJ Ayres Discuss The Past And Future of Baltimore Club

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

I edited this conversation between DJ Ayres and DJ Technics on the past and future of the Baltimore Club sound for Thump.


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Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


I edited the 8-part documentary series NOISEY: CHIRAQ, produced by Andy Capper and hosted by Thomas Morton.

Starting January 22nd, NOISEY presents a weekly, 8-part documentary on the music, culture, politics and young people behind Chicago’s current rap music scene. An access-all-areas pass to some of the city’s most notorious streets, the series examines the personalities, controversies and social forces behind one of the most gang-related, criminally convicted music scenes in recent history.

In the first part of Noisey’s 8-part documentary CHIRAQ, we head to Englewood, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, to meet Chief Keef, the most famous rapper in the drill scene. Unfortunately at the time, Chief was facing legal trouble, so we instead found Young Chop, a producer credited with shaping drill music, and he gives us an overview of the scene. Later, fellow 3Hunna members Lil Durk and Lil Reese expand on Chop’s thoughts, and we learn extensively about the violence surrounding the area, and the social and cultural challenges the city faces.

In the second episode of Noisey’s Chiraq, Chief Keef and his crew head to New York while we catch up with MGS and Global Gangstas Entertainment, two other rap collectives in Chicago. They, along with the Chicago Police Department, speak extensively on the social and cultural challenges faced by the community. Near the end, we’re introduced to Yung Trell, a 14-year-old rapper from Englewood who’s looking for his break.

In the third episode of Noisey’s Chiraq, we pick up where we left off in Englewood, and get a taste of the new music coming from the area. Then we jump back across the country and join Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, and others wandering around Times Square. They say what’s up to Alien and Predator before heading backstage for some free styling as they prepare for a show.

In the fourth episode of Noisey’s Chiraq, we catch up extensively with Lil Durk, the next superstar of the Drill scene and go to a show with fellow 300 / OTF member Lil Reese. It’s the night of Lollapalooza, but that doesn’t matter because inside and outside the venue, the crowd is packed to the walls. Afterwards, we roll through the South Side of Chicago with Durk and meet his family, learning about the life from which he came, and why he “terrifies the city.”

In the fifth episode of Chiraq, we step outside of drill music and catch up with Chicago rapper Vic Mensa and the rest of his SAVEMONEY crew. They spend the day gathering cash to bail fellow rapper Joey Purp out of jail, and on the way we chat about the city’s scene. Vic doesn’t associate himself with the Chiraq lifestyle because he feels it’s too negative, but understands the struggles of those who come from that part of the city. He’s also, surprisingly, a really big fan of Rage Against the Machine.

In Episode Six of Noisey Chiraq, we tag along with rising super-producer Young Chop, who despite being the most successful beatmaker to emerge from the Chicago rap scene, still doesn’t have his drivers license (his mom drives him around). Song-maker for artists like Chief Keef, French Montana, Juicy J, Big Sean and Pusha T, Chop visits Chicago’s Bean for the first time ever and we find out the extent of racial segregation in the city.

In Episode Seven of Noisey Chiraq, we continue exploring the Sosa phenomena, the segregation of Chicago, and the societal forces behind the violent lives of the young people on the South Side. Later, we catch up with Young Chop, who explains what he’s done to succeed, and he introduces us to fellow drill producer Paris Bueller, creator of Lil Durk’s “L’s Anthem.”

In our final episode of Chiraq, we discover what the Nation Of Islam thinks about the Chiraq phenomena then finally get an audience in the court of Almighty Sosa, a.k.a. Chief Keef, a.k.a. young Keith Cozart. Filmed at his house in the suburbs of Chicago, Keef spends his time whipping donuts around the backyard on an ATV.

Noisey: Parkay Quarts Show Us Their New York In The Final Jansport Bonfire Session

Friday, October 18th, 2013


I edited these videos featuring Parquet Courts talking about their adopted hometown of New York City and playing a concert in Williamsburg’s Havemeyer Park.

The band was kind enough to take us around their version of New York, which includes a graffiti’d shutter door store and a game of pickup basketball that has been going on since the sport’s inception.
– Noisey

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Vans House Parties: Les Savy Fav

Monday, September 16th, 2013


I edited this episode of Vans House Parties featuring Les Savy Fav getting pedicures.

Tim Harrington and the rest of the dudes in Les Savy Fav share their standard pre-show rituals before their set at the House of Vans last month. Y’know, normal stuff like getting pedicures and celebrity gossip. It’s all about relaxation and awesome feet.
– Vans

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Noisey: King Tuff In Seattle

Saturday, September 14th, 2013


I edited this two part feature on King Tuff’s performance at the Jansport Bonfire Sessions in Seattle.



Read more about King Tuff in Seattle at Noisey

Pamela Love for Jawbone New York Fashion Week

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

I edited this short film on designer Pamela Love’s inspirations and design process, directed by Joshua Zucker-Pluda for Jawbone.

Our newest, ultra-portable wireless speaker – MINI JAMBOX – is at the intersection of technology, fashion, culture, art and design. As part of the speaker’s launch at New York Fashion Week, we teamed with designer Pamela Love to create a story about the role music plays in her design process. Get a beautiful, meaningful peek into her imagination and vision in design with this short film.

Director: Joshua Zucker-Pluda